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学术报告——Particle Methods - Past, Present, Future

公布工夫:2018-03-08  阅读次数:13

讲演问题:Particle Methods - Past, Present, Future

报告人:Professor Abbas Khayyer, Kyoto University, Japan

讲演工夫:2018年3月28日 上午9:30-11:00

讲演内容:During this talk, the history of advancements made in the field of particle methods will be briefly reviewed with the main focus on projection-based particle methods (MPS and ISPH). The state-of-the-art of MPS and ISPH as well as future perspectives in their further development and extended applications will be discussed.





报告人简介Prof. Khayyer is one of the world leading researchers in particle methods. He is currently an associate professor at Applied Mechanics Laboratory, Department of Civil and Earth Resources Engineering, Kyoto University, Japan. His research interests include coastal/ocean engineering, computational fluid/structural dynamics, particle methods and their applications in coastal/engineering fields. Prof. Khayyer is a member of Editorial Board of Applied Ocean Research, an Associate Editor of International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering, Scientific Committee member of SPHERIC, the Associate Editor of Ocean System Engineering, and a Technical Program Committee member of ISOPE conferences since 2015.

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